Sunglasses trends to watch out for this summer

For the latest sunglasses trends this summer, you can get them from various sunglasses online store. The summer is approaching fast, and sunnies protect you from the offensive rays and enjoy the beautiful weather.  

But, along with protection, your next pair will be the fashion accessory for this summer. In addition, it will give twists to your outfit. From rectangular to aviator shades, this warm season will have a look of the last century. 

You can discover all the must-have models of sunnies according to your sense of style under the sun. So, here are the trendy pairs of shades for this summer. 

Trendy Sunnies From Sunglasses Online Store For This Summer

Round Sunglasses

First of all, you make sure that you know your face shape while making the proper selection. Generally speaking, we advise you to select models that are the opposite of your face shape. 

For those who think round sunnies are the best choice. They all will be happy to know that the classic seventies look is back this year. However, you can use this colour to embrace the trend fully. 

For instance, blue and green-tinted lenses are in the spotlight, among others. In addition, retro styles are a new passion this warm season. Many iconic colourful shapes are back with a modern touch. 

You will see fewer mirrored lenses this season with more colour shades and neutral colours that mark traditional days. Tortoise patterns for the frames or blue lenses will be essential this season.  

Oversized Sunnies

The oversized type is under the spotlight this year. If you want your favourite pair of oversized shades, you can buy eyewear online at affordable rates. In addition, it adds the characteristic of being non-gendered. 

They are unisex, which means both men and women can wear the same model. Nowadays, the black plastic frame with wide rims is trending this year. While respecting specific proportions will help you make a better selection. 

For example, you can ensure that the lower rims would not touch your cheeks when you smile. Also, make sure that the upper frame would not cover your eyebrows completely.

However, oversized square lenses and frames are one trend that you would not ignore this season. Many celebrities like the oversized design with these bold frames, which are made to attract desirous looks.

Square oversized shades come in multiple colours. But, the rousing and robust colours of the Pantone colour palette reveal the desire for energising contrasts and personalised self-expression. 

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric-shaped sunnies like hexagonal, square, or rectangular will be under the spotlight this year. Their minimalist or princely frames will reach many people globally. First of all, try on the pair that entices you the most because some shapes are unsuitable for specific faces.

The rectangular shape is back in trend this year. This decade, a version between retro and futuristic, is sure to appeal. Moreover, rectangular frames are ideal for a smooth, professional look.

However, geometric shapes like triangles, squares and hexagons will rule the designer sunglasses trends this season. The geometric sunnies that were presented on the catwalks were either minimalist or elegantly framed. Moreover, this trend is bold, but rounded edges could be a nice compromise.

The Aviator Sunglasses

There are some styles and shades that appeal to us more than others. In addition, it is undeniably essential to stay true to your fashion. If you have been a fan of the aviator model, you will be happy again this year. 

The aviator style is becoming popular amongst the youths globally. But, for a sure thing, you can embrace the bold lines and heartfelt accents of the aviator shades. It is because a classic style will remain in trend forever.

Tortoiseshell Sunnies

We advise you to make a selection that will match your hair colour. Of course, the classic black pair of shades will match your skin tone as well. But, if you want to show a touch of originality this season, select the tortoiseshell texture. 

It is the style to adopt with its stylish and elegant look. In addition, you will find a more rounded version at the sunglasses online store. If your face shape is well-suited to the squarer models, then you can count on shades to protect your eyes. 

Shield Sunglasses

The mono lenses are back in trend this year. The accessories that were made famous by various celebrities are back in eyewear fashion. However, the shield sunnies of this year are more futuristic than ever, and everything seems to point towards its lenses. 

In the upcoming season, the minimalist frames in unique styles become famous across the world. Moreover, you can play with them on the street for fun and fashion.

Butterfly Sunnies

When you consider the latest eyewear trends, you will get struck by the large, butterfly-like shapes. This trend will quickly surpass your cat-eye frames, especially if you select a noticeable model that exhibits eye-catching details.

You should aim at the aesthetic tones of traditional styles in terms of colour selection. But, be careful not to move towards awkward patterns. The anti-ageing protection is an essential advantage of large butterfly glasses apart from their outstanding fashion trend.

Their large lenses fully protect the sensitive skin around the eyes, giving a stylish look.


We have discussed the trendy shades for this warm season that you must try for a fashionable look. Moreover, we have handpicked the latest eyewear collection of this year. Indeed, you will get to know trendy accessories which give you a modern look.

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