New Collection of Versace eyewear in 2022

You can find a pair of the perfect Versace eyewear from the branded online optical stores. Indeed, explore the new 2022 branded glasses collection, which opticians and various people worldwide trust.

However, it creates an opportunity for you to get in touch with one of the most famous fashion houses worldwide. Instead, this new eyewear edition and brand founded by Gianni Versace continues to strive to keep its legacy alive. 

Additionally, the new collection of Versace sunglasses in 2022 again positions the brand founded in 1978.  All the frames and eyewear are available in various colours to remind you of the extravagant hip-hop style. 

Indeed, you can explore a design that captivates in its daring and personality that has a unisex character. We will explore some models of Versace eyeglasses with their vital factors and suitable to your personality in 2022.

The Latest Versace Eyewear Collection Of 2022

Versace-VE4417U GB1/87

Versace-VE4417U GB1/87

You will find the best pair of Versace-VE4417U GB1/87 square sunglasses in black and brown colours. Moreover, this model of sunnies is available in various online optical stores.

However, it is one of the favourite branded eyewear amongst the youths and people worldwide. Instead, the lenses are black with a UV protection for a clear vision with bright sunlight.

Also, you can select to adapt these Versace unisex sunglasses with progressive or bifocal lenses at competitive prices from online stores. Furthermore, you will have a beautiful style with these square-shaped frames made of acetate.

On the contrary, these elegant sunglasses are large-sized, suitable for women globally. 

Versace-VE3320U GB1

Versace-VE3320U GB1

You can explore or find these black Versace-VE3320U GB1 spectacles from online optical stores. Moreover, you can explore the online store for the best designer Versace eyeglasses at the best prices.

However, those online optical stores guarantee that you cannot find a range of these branded spectacles anywhere. Indeed, this Versace optical frame model is made up of high-quality materials. 

Furthermore, you will find nothing better than these optical frames compared with other similar options. Also, you can get the complete service for your eyeglass needs from the online optical stores for Versace brand frames.

Moreover, you will get a unique look with these elegant frames and grab the attention of everyone.

Versace-VE4418 GB1/AL

Versace-VE4418 GB1/AL

Similarly, with the new assortment of Versace sunglasses 2022 collection, you can find it at the best prices online. Indeed, this sunglasses model Versace-VE4418 GB1/AL has a cat-eye shaped frame and is appropriate for everyone and suits well with any wardrobe. 

However, it becomes a golden opportunity to bring all the extravagant vibe of the leading brands like Versace for you. In addition, this sunglasses model is represented by its lightness and moderate, elegant, and innovative style.

Additionally, you will acquire the latest trend from the famous eyewear brand and achieve a beautiful look. In contrast, this model has a semi-open frame in acetate and a cat-eye shape in glossy black colour.

In addition, it will highlight the gold line detail on both temples for an attention-seeking style.

Versace-VE4425U 5364/87

Versace-VE4425U 5364/87

These rectangle frame sunglasses are another vintage classic style back again in 2022. In addition, the model Versace-VE4425U 5364/87 from Versace Unisex glasses will give you a trendier makeover this season. 

However, you can take risks with statement-making colours like neon-green, white, yellow, black, and grey. In contrast, you can be glamorous in rectangle styled frames, classic yellow tones and take a gamble with statement-making size.

Also, you will try the latest fashion style with such retro and vogue eyewear from the Versace brand. Furthermore, they give your face an edgy look by adding a feminine touch to your personality.

These sunnies’ pastel colours are trendy and stylish with a distinctly retro vibe.

Versace-VE4417U 314/87

Versace-VE4417U 314/87

Like the other designer frames, the Versace brand presents another model, such as Versace-VE4417U 314/87 women sunglasses. Indeed, these cat-eye sunnies will become your favourite model with multiple white and black shades of lenses. 

However, this frame enhances your feminine personality, representing the perfect complement for a refined and sophisticated look. Indeed, the sunglasses are featured with their elegant, modern and formal style, which has a complete black acetate frame.

Moreover, the logo of the Versace brand is engraved in gold-tone on both temples. Indeed, it has become the season’s renowned sunnies with more available models in the online optical stores. 

Furthermore, this model depicts a unique brand, symbolizing distinction and fashionable design. 

Versace-VE4424U GB1/87 

Versace-VE4424U GB1/87 

It is one of the most famous sunglasses models from the Versace eyewear collection in 2022. Indeed, the model Versace-VE4424U GB1/87 has an exciting cat-eye shape of the frame which prototypes have increasingly popular amongst women.

However, such frame types come in various trendy colours like black, grey, and pink. In addition, you should wear these sunnies with your everyday outfits because they complement any face type. 

You should grab the cat-eye lenses to soften a square jawline, which looks beautiful in a pink outfit. Moreover, you can select neutral-coloured pastel sun shades such as pink cat-eye sunglasses from the Versace brand-suitable with various outfits.

Furthermore, you will find the upgraded edition of these retro-styled sunnies that can help you express yourself uniquely.

Versace Kids-VK4427U GB1/87

Versace-VE4418 GB1/AL
Versace Kids-VK4427U GB1/87

All the styles of the Versace sun shades like this oversized rectangle-shaped women’s sunnies are making a comeback in 2022. In addition, designers are selling modern retro-shaped updates in the model Versace Kids-VK4427U GB1/87 with black and sand colours.

However, it showcases their glossy material, gradient acetates, cut-outs, tinted lenses, and fresh colour palettes. Indeed, consider these black rectangle women sunglasses from this brand, a fashionable option for all summertime events. 

Furthermore, it has simple contours that appear stylish yet wearable and go perfectly with everything. You can take a look at these sand coloured sunnies from the Versace eyewear collection in 2022. 

Moreover, their simple look makes them an ideal complement to any outfit.

Where to find the Best Versace sunglasses & optical frames in South Africa? 

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