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How to take care of Eyewear For a Longer Time

If you have purchased eyewear from online stores, you have to take care of them for a longer time. Indeed, when you remember the day you grabbed your brand-new pair of glasses. 

However, after investing time and money searching for the perfect pair for your face shape, fashion sense, and lifestyle. After completing these processes, you can finally pick them up as they feel special for you.

Moreover, once you start wearing them, you might forget to take care of them properly. In addition, as your spectacles go everywhere with you, they face the same adventures that you do. 

Therefore, similar to you, they deserve the equivalent of a long, hot shower at the end of the day. Indeed, by taking good care of your Designer eyewear and keeping a few simple steps in mind.

In this manner, you can ensure that your spectacles will last longer.  In addition, you would not have to change them in a year or two unless your prescription changes.

So, explore some tips and methods to take care of your eyewear for a longer time.

Multiple Ways To Take Care Of Eyewear For Longer

You must pay special attention to proper storage

It is one of the best methods to take special care of your eyewear for a longer time. Indeed, you take off your spectacles and put them on the entryway table, couch, your nightstand, or the bathroom sink.

However, if it sounds familiar, you will have to avoid all these things for prolonged life specs. In addition, you should try getting into the habit of permanently storing your glasses in their case. 

In contrast, it is a great way to keep dust and dirt away from them. Also, it protects your glasses from getting scratched, broken, or bent. For instance, rugged or rigid cases or even microfiber pouches serve to keep your spectacles intact.

Handle eyewear with a firm grip while cleaning

When you purchase your eyeglasses online, you have to take precautions while cleaning the lenses. In addition, when cleaning your spectacles, hold the frames by gripping the nose piece or pad. 

However, in this manner, you can avoid accidentally bending the frame. Indeed, if the specs are bent out of shape, they will start to look funny and might also feel uncomfortable.

You should place your spectacles carefully

Practically, when you put your eyewear down for a minute, you do not want to put them in their case. In addition, you should try to avoid laying the lens down. Moreover, the best way is to close the frame and let the spectacles rest on their sidearms. 

However, this can prevent the top of your glasses from scratching or deteriorating.  

You must use appropriate cloth for cleaning lenses

You should consider carefully the material of the cloth you use to wipe your spectacles down. In addition, you should avoid using paper towels, napkins, tissues, or your shirt-tail. 

Moreover, regardless of their softness, these materials have a textured surface and can easily scratch your lenses. Instead, there might also be some debris on the surface of your lenses and wiping them around on a dry lens may be corrosive.

Furthermore, if you require to wipe down your spectacles quickly, use a microfiber cloth that usually comes with the glasses. 

Rinse the lenses with normal water

You should use lukewarm water to wash your lenses to clean them properly. In addition, you can use a gentle cleaning solution to clean spectacles. But, you must utilize a few drops to avoid leaving any soap residue on the lenses.

However, use a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth to wipe away water droplets and allow your specs to air dry. In contrast, you can use alcohol-free sprays or cleaners as an alternative available at online stores.

Since they are specifically made to clean spectacles lenses and avoid using pre-moistened lens wipes.

Must use both hands to remove your eyewear

When you repeatedly use one hand to remove your eyewear can cause a misalignment of the frame. In addition, this habit also weakens the screws and can eventually break your spectacles. 

However, you can simply use both arms to put on and remove your eyeglasses from the temple. Suppose you cannot do that; try removing them from the center of the frame rather than from one arm.

In addition, you can explore and shop for various online sunglasses from branded optical stores.

You should avoid placing your eyeglasses on your head

Wearing your eyewear on the top of your head may seem like the easiest way to keep track of them. So, you can take them on and off immediately in this manner. Moreover, this habit can stretch the arms of your frames, making them loose on your face.

It happens because the top of the head is generally wider than the face. So, ultimately, your spectacles can lose their shape and strength. Indeed, if you cannot get into the habit of storing them in their case.

So, consider getting a strap to wear spectacles around your neck during the day.

Where can you store eyewear properly for a long time?

The excellent option to store eyewear is in a hard case or microfiber pouch especially made for safe eyewear. However, a microfiber pouch is a better option because it doubles as a lens cleaning cloth. So, in this manner, you can store your eyewear correctly for a long time when not in use.

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