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Gucci Turns 100 this Year: Celebration of Milestone

It is the time to enjoy as the brand Gucci turns 100 this year. The brand Gucci is now considered a household name for various products. It is because it continues to reinvent itself by sending increasingly extravagant and trend-setting looks down on the runway every season.

You can learn more about the storied past of the legendary Italian brand and its lasting influence on fashion and eyewear. The brand Gucci is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. Gucci has started its small and family-owned business in Florence. It has now become a global behemoth that experiences exponential growth since the 1990s.

In Gucci eyewear, you can discover a forefront and sophisticated collection. You can also check out the clear and solar frames that are sure to amaze you. The first Gucci sunglasses collections date back to the 1990s.  

Gucci eyewear 2021

It continued its meteoric rise, playing up a gorgeous, eclectic, and colorful aesthetic. The brand Gucci’s design house also expanded beyond ready-to-wear into cosmetics, sunglasses, and watches. 

They quickly gained status, so Gucci’s fashion house decided to expand into prescription eyeglasses design. Like its ready-to-wear and accessory collections, its eyewear line is distinctive for the flair, quality, and eye detail built into every frame. 

The latest collections of Gucci eyewear feature looks very different and awesome. It features a boldly oversized look with colored lenses. It gets matching acetate temples and metal frames in playful and attractive combinations. In addition, this brand undergoes various eyewear campaigns to promote one of its best collections named the Spring Summer 2020 eyewear collection. 

The campaign by using busy, vibrant, retro-forward visuals; campaign spoke of Gucci’s fashion house’s true legacies. In addition, it encourages self-expression and showcasing the spirit of individuality.


It is the time to celebrate because Gucci Eyewear is celebrating its 100th Birthday. You will get to know the short history of the birth of this brand. For more discussion and information regarding Gucci eyewear, you can contact our customer sales executive at Global Eyes – an online eyewear retail eCommerce store in Johannesburg, South Africa.