A Complete Guide of Bifocal Lens

We have to deal with a lot of problems as we age, and presbyopia is one of them. Presbyopia is a medical condition where a person can’t focus on nearby objects as vision gets blurry. This is the most common age-related issue that often appears around the age of 40. And one of the effective solutions to deal with this problem is bifocal lenses.

Bifocal lenses are a special type of eyewear lenses made of two or more different types of lenses. Invented by Benjamin Franklin, such lenses help presbyopia patients see clearly by providing them with dual lenses. Thanks to the massive evolution in the eyeglass industry, we now have so many options for bifocal eyewear.

Types of Bifocal lenses

Flat Top

The flat top lens has a small segment in a half moon or “D” shape on the glasses. It is the positional bottom inner side of the glass. In this type of lens, the upper and lower parts can be easily distinguished from each other. The patient choosing this lens has the option of choosing between 25mm to 28mm segments. 

Rounded seg

The rounded seg bifocal lens has a complete round segment at the lower part of the glasses, slightly inner side of the nasal area, like flat top lenses. In this type, presbyopia patients have options for choosing 22mm to 24mm segments. Such eyeglasses allow readers to reach the reading area of the segment easily. However, round-shaped bifocals are not commonly worn today.


Blended bifocals were more popular before no-line bifocals were developed. This type of eyeglasses has round segments, but the edges are blended with the rest of the lens.


Executive bifocal glasses are a type of bifocal lens where both lenses are divided into equal halves. This is the original bifocal lens type that Benjamin Franklin developed. Executive lenses were popular among office workers whose occupations required them to deal with a lot of paperwork. This style of the lens gives them more space to focus.


This type of bifocal glasses is more popular than other types. A progressive bifocal lens has distance, intermediate, and near-sight lenses with blended edges. Such lenses have a gradual change in powder instead of having a blunt cut-off from distance to near. And so they are also called seamless or no-line bifocal lenses.

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