The brand D&G was established in 1985 in Legnano, Italy. D&G brand introduces various products such as men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing along with shoes, bags, and accessories. In addition, D&G also provides eyewear products like optical eyeglasses, glasses frames, and sunglasses for men and women

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which type of D&G Eyeglasses for women are best for a professional look?

    Especially for working women who prefer to have a professional look, they can choose D&G eyeglasses with rimless rectangular, cat-eye, or round shape with softer edges.

  • Where can I find D&G Sunglasses offline in Johannesburg?

    You can find the D&G sunglasses store in Johannesburg, South Africa at the below-mentioned address of Global Eyes store: 65 Lilian Rd, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 2033. 

  • How long does D&G Sunglasses last?

    D&G Sunglasses should last at least 3 years. But at last, it all depends on how careful the user can be with it.

  • Is it worth it to invest in D&G eyeglasses?

    Yes, it is worth investing in D&G eyeglasses because of the quality product and material used in manufacturing frames and glasses. Your entire expense will be worthwhile and you should not think twice or thrice before buying a pair of D&G eyeglasses.

  • Which shape is in fashion for D&G eyeglasses?

    There are different shapes of D&G eyeglasses in fashion nowadays. You can choose from most popular frame shapes such as Cat Eye, Browline, Rectangle, Aviator, Oval, Round, Wrap, and Square.